About me + FAQs


I’m a web developer living in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, I’m working as a Lead Web Developer with the team at Trade Creative Media.

I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from backend programming (PHP, Ruby on Rails) to frontend engineering (HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Clientside Frameworks). Outside of web development, my position takes me through project management, product design, operations and direct sales.

I’m extremely passionate about the fast-paced web industry and sharing my knowledge with businesses and individuals to improve their online presence. Aside from web development, I enjoy spending my time with my husband, chatting to other dog owners, bushwalking adventures and drinking way too much coffee.


How much does it cost to make a website?

It really depends on what you want vs. what you need. Almost everyone is unsure, so it’s completely normal!

I could do with some knowledge before signing a contract.

Perfect, I usually book in a paid brainstorming session with you or your team. We come out of the session with the core technical requirements for the site. I also develop some measurable user stories too.

After this, I can definitely give you a realistic quote/proposal.

Just give me a ballpark figure please?

Okay, a site can cost $2000 - $10,000. The most basic site takes at least three weeks to build, test and deploy.

Can you please build me a website for $500?

Please search for DIY website builders like Squarespace, or Wix. It'll take a lot of time. At times it'll be tough, but you yourself can make a quite decent site for that budget.

Are your websites responsive?

Yes. It's 2016.

Can you work per hour?

Yep, this is how I work. My rate is $70/hour including GST. Even cheaper if the job requires a lot of hours.

Cool, so you like to design websites?

Nope. Sorry. But I know a few fantastic designers that do.

I’m a web developer with an opinionated view on improving user experiences. I’m a wee bit too OCD for design.

Aren’t you just another white-guy coder?

Right on! The industry needs soo much more diversity to thrive. I have a husband so maybe that ticks one diversity box? Sorry, politics I know but it’s important.

How do you even pronounce Beyerle?

Try saying “bayer-lah”. Sounds like bailer, bailor or baler.

Weird. Is there an easier way to remember Beyerle?

Rhymes with both sailor and trailer.

Not the most flattering surname hey?

The struggle is real.

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